Pellet Mill is a Serbian company based in Valjevo, that produces high-quality pellet mill machines for a wide range of applications. The company’s website,, plays a crucial role in its marketing and sales strategy, as it serves as the primary platform for showcasing its products and services to potential customers worldwide.


Pellet Mill faced a major challenge with its website. Despite having a well-designed website, the company was not receiving a sufficient number of leads or inquiries from potential customers. The website’s traffic was low, and its conversion rates were below average. The company needed to increase its online visibility and improve its lead generation strategy to attract more customers and increase sales.

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To address Pellet Mill’s challenge, the company engaged the services of a digital marketing agency that specializes in website optimization and lead generation. The agency started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Pellet Mill’s website to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The agency found that the website’s design and layout were user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, the website lacked sufficient content and was not optimized for search engines. As a result, potential customers were not finding the website when searching for pellet mill machines online.

To address this, the agency recommended a content marketing strategy that would focus on creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content for the website. The agency also recommended implementing an email marketing campaign to nurture leads and encourage them to make a purchase.


After implementing the agency’s recommendations, Pellet Mill saw a significant increase in website traffic and lead generation. The company’s website ranked higher on search engine results pages, and its conversion rates improved significantly.

The content marketing strategy was successful in attracting potential customers to the website, and the email marketing campaign helped nurture those leads into paying customers. As a result, Pellet Mill saw a significant increase in sales and revenue.


Pellet Mill’s website was transformed from a passive online presence to a powerful marketing tool that generates leads and drives sales. With the help of a digital marketing agency, the company was able to optimize its website and create a content marketing and email marketing strategy that increased its online visibility and lead generation. As a result, Pellet Mill continues to be a leading manufacturer of pellet mill machines in the Serbian market and beyond.

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